Friday, 17 May 2013

Typing "Sound" ? - Presence of a Hacker !

I have seen some Hollywood + Cyber movies where the "Hacker"/Hero use their netbooks and do some typing work ! Orelse they use some Operating Systems Which We have never seen before :-P Ok ! Thats a research topic !

I wish to know what they really type :P  Have you ever noticed "a typing sound for every keypress ?"

That's a bit appealing for people like me . Here is a small trick for getting a keypress sound in your keyboard

1. Make sure you have python package in your linux machine. Download the latest version of "python-xlib" using apt or yum.

sudo apt-get install python python-xlib


yum install python-xlib

2. Download this github project or you can get it using "wget"

wget -O keypress.tar.gz

3. You can start by running the "" script.

tar xvfz keypress.tar.gz 

cd chrelad*


You can hear the keypress sound ! B-) You can change the sound by editing the file and modify the following line :

os.system("aplay sounds/key01.wav")

Replacing teh key01.wav to any audio file of your choice !

You can optionally add the python script to the startup scripts to make the script execute at every boot !

Try this and Enjoy ! Good luck !