Sunday, 29 September 2013

Track your smart phone's data usage

Nothing makes a smartphone user happy other than a smart app to track your data usage ! What if it additionally give you some alerts when your data plan is about to drain ;) very cool ! Isn't it ??


"My data mgr" is a cool app which is very useful for both 2G/3G users to track their data usage. Its a free app available in Apps Store and it does its job. Timer can be very useful when u have to make a "change-data-plan" or "let-it-be" decision ! 

Another catche thing is the Graph that shows cellular data, wifi, roaming usage as a graph that potrays daily,monthly,yearly usage ! Simple and Sweet ! 

We can also specify "My plan" settings by specifying the data plan (size, validity) and the app alerts you when the plan is about to drain :) Hats off to the developers !