Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My Rant on Mobile Operating Systems

Yes ! I am an owner of most-widely used mobile OS like Android, iOS, WP  (like some of you) ! I am not going to judge these platforms. This blog is entirely on my-point-of you, not intended to hurt the fanboys :-)

If someone ask me "Which one is best ?", I think like "Based on WHAT you are asking ? Most-used ? Most-Stable ? Most interactive ? Highly innovative ?" !!  Well ! Each one is best of their kind and more specific in enhancing their ecosystem. Some are OEM, closed associated with their hardware. Some are open-source, ready to rock the world.

Andriod :-

The most-used operating system thats adaptable to all types of hardware (not specific to a single OEM). The most user-friendly operating system. Its hightly customizable and most of the open source enthusiastics already jumped in as ROM developers and releasing out a lot of cool things for the android lovers. Some of them are , CyanogenMod, JaggyROM, Paranoid Android, etc.

But ! Something still it lags is the stability ! Every operating system is best until it get its internal memory Filled Up ! Android sucks here ! :-| If you own an android device, you would have experienced what am meaning here :-P

Though its arguable, My next gadget must be the Nexus5 ! :-D But i wonder why Google left a separate page on home screen for "Google now" :-) Reminds me iOS 6.x search page on home screen :-P

iOS :-

Best suited for professionals and most-loved by Apple FanBoys ! Please don't remind me the latest iOS 7.1 shit !! I don't accept that as an innovation ! Its a crappy attempt made by Apple Dev in words of User-Friendliness.

iOS 6.x and above are the most-stable mobile OS i have ever seen. I have never seen my iPhone hanging when it was in iOS 6.x :-)

I am damn sure, I won't go for an apple device until Apple releases something stable, perfect and working ! Maybe the most awaited iOS 8 :-P

WP :-

Seems like Microsoft is trying to bring in all the wonders they made out of .Net to Mobiles. Tied-up with Nokia, released most-used apps to gain the momentum. One good reason we can still have a big hope on WP is that they are bringing-in the WebApps ;-) (Ofcourse, all others trying this, But WP got more scope on the WebApp platform).

WP in olden days was just an OS that runs the hardware. But, now they have put a lot effort in improving their User interface, App integration, etc. After all, I can say "Good Luck Microsoft !" :-)

Symbian & Asha Platform :-

There is always an operating system that keeps the legendary Nokia mobiles Alive :-D Its the Symbian ! Believe me, remember JAD JAR games ? they are still alive :-P I have bought one Nokia Asha 503 recently ! I believe in the Asha platform. They are keeping the symbian platform based projects running (Even under risky market). I can say "Keep Trying Guys ! " :-) [Symbian + Fastlane = Asha ]

Final words :-

Android people moving towards stability like iOS. Apple people moving towards user-friendliness (like control center, notification center, etc). But, I feel like both are loosing their uniqueness in moving towards their competitive eco-system. Maybe, " Google + LG | Google + HTC | Google + Motorola " can fire-up the next stable and long-lasting Android Mobile. Lets wait for till that ! :-) Meanwhile, Nokia is confused on what to do it seems :P "Tie-up with MS, release WP" | "Change Symbian to Asha and add Fastlane" | "Release Nokia X and say its android ! Close the support for Asha" ! :-P

I skipped few OS like BB, Xiaomi ! They are really innovative ! Lesser Known ! Will cover them in another blog.

Feel free share your views on the latest mobile OS adventures. :-)