Monday, 19 January 2015

How I want my next SmartPhone to be

I have come across a diverse variety of smartphones. Few were attractive in design, few were amazing in performance, few settled in my hands, few stayed in my heart. I just wanted to share the remarkable things in those smartphones that attracted me and how I want my next smartphone to be.

This article is entirely based on my personal experience and my personal views on the smartphones. No offense meant. Grab a cup of coffee, enjoy the unbiased smartphone dream.

What are the things matter ?

Build Quality : The Look and feel of the smartphone should be more unique and authentic. Its grip in hand should be more solid and comfortable, very close to the build quality of HTC One M8 - Its the premium design one can get with a compromise in weight. One thing I noted in the new smartphones is their ergonomic design (not the material) - the design that feels bit sharp at the edges (for example : Moto X, Nexus 6). I wish my mobile will have the more thinner-edge version of ergonomic that feels gripper in hand and the material of One M8 that feels premium at every single touch and it should weigh ~100 grams.
OS : Since its OpenSource, I am more precise - "Android" (AOSP). I do cook my phones with different customized ROM from the in-famous XDA developers. Hats-off to them for their work in porting the Official ROM to old legacy devices. They are doing the work which most of the vendors forgot to do just by using the power of OpenSource. I always wish to be a part of them. I wish my mobile will run a more stable at the same time highly-customized version of android. Hopefully, with my favorite sense UI.
Audio Quality : I would rather mind the location of the speakers than the loudness. The audio quality is something under consideration for normal users; for the others, the location of the speaker matters. I don't want to talk about smartphones that has speakers at the back which is nearly of no use. Apple have made their choice to place the speakers at the bottom and few others too. Its a good choice to go with until something blocks the speaker grill. On the contrary, HTC came up with boom-sound speakers with built-in amplifier at the front. Its really really really a great way forward. I hope they have made a proper research before putting them at the front. The HD videos, Games are stunning with boom-sound at the front. That's what everyone expect, isn't it ? I wish my mobile to have a minimal speaker at the bottom in addition to the front-side boom speakers.
Camera : I am not a big fan / an addicted user of Camera in my smartphone. I won't think my smartphone has to be a SLR, once again its a smartphone not an upgraded-collective version of all gadgets. I don't mind the technology they are using, I want a decent photograph that can be shared. I still can't understand the idea behind HTC's Duo-camera. I wish my mobile will have one front facing camera (>2MP) and one rear facing camera (>8MP) with dual-LED flash, optical stabilization, HDR+ mode, slow motion video capturing, 4k video recording.
Screen Size : This is my favorite part. I want a mobile [ not a demi-god like Phablet, and of course not a Tablet ], which means I need 4 - 5 inch hardware that can sit in my pocket. Not a 6 inch brick that could possible tear my pocket apart. Apple got that right, once. IMHO, One-handed usage is of damn-importance. Gesture control, voice control can come as an aid, but still it has to be a Smartphone. I wish my mobile screen-size will not be greater than 5 inch.
Display : I vote for HTC and Apple for their best-in-class display and LG G3 for its high-end resolution. I always like a medium-sized screen with densely packed pixels say (>500 ppi) and maximum resolution affordable at the display-size (for example : LG G3, HTC OneM8). That will do a magic ! I wish my mobile will have a display with an incredible resolution (2560 x 1440) and pixels-per-inch (>500ppi) and very very small bezels at the corners ( edge-to-edge-kind of display) with a Gorilla/ Dragontail guarding it. I wish for a day when we don't really need a screen guard.
Processor : Whatever Snapdragon releases new :-) I wish my mobile will have the latest 64-bit snapdragon processor with a dedicated GPU for gaming and rendering the material design effects. May it be the Octa core, quad core or dual core, until it does its job, am not gonna mind it.
RAM : This is the part am very confused with. My iPhone 4 (when it was in iOS 6) ran like a horse while multi-tasking with just 512 MB RAM. It turned into a donkey with iOS 7. The point is, we can have 4 GB RAM in our smartphone, but still there should be a good paging mechanism to handle it efficiently. The app switching mechanism and other technical stuffs regarding multi-tasking are the ones related to OS not the hardware.  So, I leave it to the Operating System and RAM-biased community to decide the RAM for my dream smartphone. Anything above 2 GB RAM is fine for me. I wish my smartphone will be capable of caching atleast 5-6 apps simultaneously. I just want my favorite apps (like launcher, inbox) to be cached all the time, so that it pops up with lightening speed.
Buttons : Hard-keys are always handy, so let it be. The location of the sleep/wake button should be accessible, preferably on the right-hand side, not on the top to climb for it. I am having LG GM730, it has a hardkey which can act both as home button and as mouse pointer. I will surely wish for keys with multipurpose like this. The volume keys should also be on the same side of the sleep/wake button to free-up any one of the side for a grip while gaming. I wish my mobile should have the 3-famous keys (menu,home,back) with a backlit to make it visible even in dark. Additionally, it would be great to have some programmable keys on the phone or something like iPhone's ring/silent button. One more thing, there should always be a camera button with a camera logo on it, volume keys with +/- logo on it, preferably with a small backlit or radium colored label to find it easily in dark.
LED : I am a big fan of LED blink in smartphones. Its a power-efficient way of notification apart from "Glance" notification. No need to wake up the giant display to show a simple notification, it will eat up the battery life. I wish my mobile will have a small, low-powered, multi-colored LED, preferably at the top right corner. I will make it blink every 5 seconds so that I can be sure, its alive :-)
Sensors and other technologies : Finger-print, proximity, accelerometer, pedometer, magnetic-compass, gyroscope, light and temperature sensor, blah blah blah. I wish my mobile has all the sensors and connectivity hardware not limited to NFC, 802.11ac, LTE, DLNA, Noise-reduction, IR blaster, etc. You can drill as many sensors as you want (like the one in amazon firephone) but the point is, do you really use all of them ? [ I will say I won't use all of them, frankly ]
Microphone : Location of the microphone is equally important as speakers. I wish my mobile has 2 microphones - top and bottom. A dedicated one for voice-control and "Ok Google" would be better. Still there is some engineering needed for Voice-controlled-navigation in smartphones.
Battery : It has to be removal because at any point in its lifetime we can give a new life for the smartphone if its dead because of battery. It has to withstand the giant display usage and feed the hungry processor. I wish my smartphone will have a 3500 mAh battery that can survive atleast for 2 days without worrying about the low-power-mode sickness. A smartphone battery is safe when its in low-power mode but its not meant to be.
Yes ! Finally its over. That's how my next smartphone is going to be. I mind the price of the smartphone, not the brand. A price is there for every hardware I wish for, sum-them-up, put it in a piece and I pay only for the hardware, no additional charges for brand-name and show off. So, What's your dream ?

Feel free to share your views and dreams regarding your next smartphone as comments below.