This page lists my personal projects. If you are already working on a project / idea which overlaps with any of the following, let me know. We can work on it. Suggestions are always welcome.


This is an open-source project for finding the trending topics out of a real-time twitter stream using a time-sensitive rolling count algorithm. It uses twitter4j for connecting with the twitter stream and making it as trending topics. Got any idea to improve this ? Lets discuss. :)


Netflix Movie Rating

This repository is for trying out a solution for the infamous Netflix Prize competition that happened way back in 2009, using Apache Spark ML + Collaborative filtering technique. Though the problem is old, I found it pretty interesting and tried a solution. Hence, this repository.



This repository is for playing around with "Meetup" dataset using Apache Spark. Data source is based on simple RESTful HTTP request/response provided by Meetup API in JSON format. Got any idea for getting interesting insights out of Meetup dataset ? Lets discuss :)