I am a Computer Scientist ( or at least I want to be). I am living a double life.

1. A life thats filled with working hours where I represent an organisation/institution and use my skills to improvise their projects/ideas. BUT I don't want to die/live with just that. I couldn't just stop thinking about things I need to be doing right now, inorder to achieve my purpose in life. This is my Starting Point for an other life !

2. Some people might know me Personally / Professionally but most might never get to know my other life. Yes, an another life, a life filled with things that I love to explore and innovate. Technology , real-life problems that demands solution or betterment.

If you are wondering what this website is all about. Its my digital portfolio (in some sense). It also portrays things that I do besides work. This is about a journey towards my passion - Rants, Hacks, Experiments, Solutions, etc.

The more I came to know diverse open-source projects / tools / frameworks / paradigms / problems / inventions, the more I realized that there are a lot of things I havn't explored yet. So, I started experimenting various open-source projects, tools using the programming languages I am comfortable with or the one I recently learnt.

I do read books, documentations, research papers related to things I would love to know about in my kindle. When am disconnected from my digital life, books are my friends.

Besides coding for work in-hand, I improvise my programming skills by practicing here. I may not be be an expert in competitive programming, but I still battle in contests. You can find me in TopCoder / Kaggle when am not working on my personal projects/experiments. More of a warrior than a winner.

80% of my digital-life is filled with the above mentioned activities. Sometimes I get tired / bored / pissed-off by certain things like - 'struggling with a problem for past 6 hrs and couldn't crack it'. Everyone has a threshold, right ?

After that point, I start watching top-rated Movies/TV Shows. I periodically game ! Mostly when I get stressed. I have decided to keep this 20% not-so-cool digital-life away from this website. But you can get to know these on my social networking feeds anyway.

Note : Things I portray here will never represent an organisation/institution I worked/working with.